Robotique Occitane

Rob’Occ designs and manufactures a ground-breaking new generation of highly versatile autonomous indoor mobile vehicles in France.


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NOEME AIV: high technology made simple.


As a highly versatile platform, our vehicle is optimized for co-activity, whether professional or consumer, and require no modification to your customers’ infrastructures.
The versatile Noeme AIV is the simplifying and cyber-secure element of your mobile robotics projects, whether for industrial or intralogistics applications, but also for your retail, wholesale in-store and back-store projects, or public service projects.

Highly versatile AIV

A multi-purpose vehicle

  • Industry and factories (Intralogistics, supply chain, measurements, virtual conveyors)
  • Logistics and Intralogistics (Picking, supply chain, transport, inventories)
  • Services (Hospitals, hotels, catering, public places, remote presence, support services)
  • Retail (Inventories, facing, store circulation, remote assistance, runner)


  • A smart vehicle that adapts to its environment and usage conditions.
  • Standardized interfaces: communication with Noeme based on user-friendly, universal APIs.
  • An AIV that suppresses up to 80% of mobile robot creation complexity.
  • Autonomous mission management
  • Freedom for mission hardware choice with power supplied by Noeme AIV.
  • Open integration options: no mandatory fleet management or centralized software (CAPM, WMS, ERP, etc.), particularly well suited for VSE/SME projects.

Designed for Humans

  • User-friendly: your solutions can be integrated into existing processes and act as a natural assistant for human operator.
  • 100% autonomous: no mandatory WIFI/GSM network.
  • Designed for co-activity: professional or general public, including kids.
  • Secure: Standards-compliant and cyber-secure by design.

Environment & CSR

  • Vehicle made in France
  • Uses recyclable aluminium
  • Priority sourcing in France and Europe
  • Resistant to obsolescence thanks to modular, upgradeable design

ROI Accelerator

  • Easy integration : more integrator margin
  • Easy maintenance : less client hassle
  • No hidden costs, no mandatory options
  • Shorter lead times for projects that do not require external connections
  • Give your client’s IT back control for security and communications



A team by your side

  • Rob’Occ and its teams are devoted to your success.
  • Rob’Occ is not an integrator, but we know exactly what mobile robotics is, how it’s used and related challenges.
  • Rob’Occ helps you to secure the design of your AMR.



Uses cases

NOEME AIV: high technology made simple.

Retail / E-commerce

  • In-store Runners
  • Sales / stock inventories
  • Planogram
  • Customer remote assistance
  • Advertising / Sales support
  • Conveyor
  • Stock locations
  • Security

Medical / Service

  • Information
  • Guidance
  • Customer experience
  • Remote presence
  • Disinfection
  • Security
  • Shuttle

Industry / Factory

  • AGV replacement
  • Remote maintenance
  • Tools / measurements
  • Shuttle
  • Transport
  • Picking


  • Shuttle
  • Inventories
  • Stock localization
  • Security


  • 24/7 watch
  • Events assessment
  • Credential verification
  • Remote and automatic patrol
  • Mobile access control

And many more

  • Cultural
  • Hotel
  • Military
  • Innovation
  • Research labs
  • You name it …


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